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We are a young and energetic company which has been specialized in sportswear and underwear since 2018. We are committed to creating high-performance underwear that combines sports and leisure with the versatility of everyday use.

We want to develop the perfect athleisure underwear that allows you to adapt to your lifestyle. If you don’t exercise, you buy it for design and comfort. At the same time, if you do physical activity, you can ride, train or exercise in them without having to change into compression shorts. This is a functional underwear that moves with you

Ceceliam controls every detail with our heart to show quality, and interpret more personalized lifestyle in every inch. At the same time, it advocates the personalized pursuit of underwear needs, and gives sports attributes and color impact on the basis of satisfying leisure and comfort.

Now offering a range of designs, in fabrics specifically woven for breathability and all-day comfort; Ceceliam is the go-to brand that fits into any daily routine.

Traditional Craftsmanship

We do not outsource our products. We embrace the spirit of traditional craftsman who like the feelings of making products with their own hands. We believe that is the only way we will make the best and most unique products. Therefore, all of our products were sewn by our own trusted workers in our own factory. We see through all the production processes from shipping, weaving to dyeing to make sure they are environmentally friendly. It’s our responsibility to protect our environment and consistently produce products of the highest quality.

Transparency & Empowerment

We frequently audit our factory So we can ensure strict and high standard process flow.We build ISO 9001 and BSC system with our factory,which means more accountability and better communications and quality guaranteed.With 100 workers,our factory we offers our employees more than a paycheck,We provide free skill improvement and English classes for employees, we pay more attention to the physical health and humanistic care of female employees.We fundraise for local charities and give our employees free transportation and meals.

The Fabric

We’re passionate about craftsmanship and using only the finest raw materials married Combined with ergonomic production processes,that’s why every Ceceliam underwear keeps Perfect.

Ceceliam underwear is made of a micropolyester and spandex fabric for extra comfortable wearing. Its microfiber polyester yarn with elastane gives a smooth and soft feeling and is great in maintenance: it washes easily and dries fast.It is hygienic and hydrophilic,featherlight and non-pilling.

The Waistband

Our waistband is made from a 4.5cm wide soft microfiber blend that provides dynamic comfort and support, with a tight fit but no streaks, with hemmed design for reduced frictional irritation, moisture wicking.Underwear that moves with you.

The Stitching

Exquisite tailoring is used to create a shape that fits the body; advanced stitching technology improves overall comfort, reduces the friction between underwear and body, and creates a unique “second skin” feelOne-piece seamless cut on the side are intelligently placed to avoid potential rub zones for a seamless look and feel.

The Products

Underwear is the foundation of every outfit we wear, so it’s important for it to be comfortable. at Ceceliam we specialise in just that. We make every effort to improve our product by doing the best in fabric selecting, designing and manufacturing.if it doesn’t make the customers comfortable, it is nothing.And there is always room for improvement. We listen carefully to voices from our customers and make changes accordingly.

We are brave enough to be creative but we do not follow the trend. We do not want to lead the trend but we want to be classic. For that reason we do not produce “new” series every season. Instead, we spend time in perfecting them before they are launched.We always strive to create amazing products that are perfect in the eyes of consumers.

The Print

We’re obsessed with new technology and skills develoment Our own print factory is dust free workshop and used branded machine”Roland”with imported Italian ink.The never fading prints to help you beacome the foucus.



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