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Copper Fit Compression Socks (Knee High)

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Energize Your Legs & Feet!

Get the relief you need with the support you want! Copper Fit® Knee High Compression Socks offer a graduated compression that helps to improve circulation. Compression increases as it moves down the leg for an all-day restorative feeling.

Instructions to put on:

  1. Gather the sock from the top to the toe with one hand on either side.
  2. With the sock bunched up, insert your toe.
  3. Work the sock up over your foot, starting at your toes, then moving to your ankle, then calf, smoothing any wrinkles along the way to ensure the sock lies flat.

Helpful Hints:

  • Put your Compression Socks on first thing in the morning before your legs swell
  • Make sure your legs are dry
  • Do not use lotion on your legs before putting your Compression Socks on - if you use lotion, you should put it on at night before bed
  • Powdering your legs may help

Sizing Guide

Shoe Size Men's Women's
Small/Medium 6 - 9 7 - 10
Large/X-Large 9 - 12 10 - 13