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Hummingbird Feeder Lite

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Much Needed Protein for Hummingbirds—and Nectar, too

Do you know that Hummingbirds cannot survive on nectar alone? Protein & Vitamins found in insects are essential for the hummingbird's survival. The nutrients found in insects keep hummingbirds healthy and their feathers shiny and vibrant.

This Mango Hummingbird feeder gives you an all natural way to feed your hummingbirds. Great for using your leftover fruit, while incubating fruit flies for protein—an essential part of the hummingbird's diet.



Become A Pro Gardener

Mango Hummingbird Feeder Lite is a sleek and cheery addition to your backyard. With 12 oz capacity, it's the perfect size for small gardens. It features a removable lid, making it easy to fill and clean. It works double duty to beautifully adorn your garden while attracting pollinating hummingbirds to your backyard.


mango hummingbird feeder lite design




Feed More But Design Less

The Mango Hummingbird Feeder Lite features 4 feeding ports to maximize your feeder's impact and attract more hummingbirds. A savvy built-in ant moat design prevents the nectar from being contaminated by crawling insects.


mango hummingbird feeder in garden




360° View of Hummingbirds

Dish type design feeders offer a 360° view with no obstructions. You will not miss any hummingbird. And this feeders provide enough space for hummingbird to rest.

Applicable to Multiple Places

The hummingbird feeder with hook can be hung on garden, balcony, Tree etc.. It can meet your different needs.


mango hummingbird feeder easy to use




Easy to use

Hummingbird feeders needs to be cleaned every few days. When the weather is warm, you'll need to clean your feeder more often. Luckily, the Mango Hummingbird feeder Lite's removable lid makes cleaning and filling a breeze. Keeping your backyard hummingbirds fed and happy has never been easier.


Adult hummingbirds need to feed their young protein and nectar every 20 minutes—and hummingbirds can eat more than 100 fruit flies a day! For best results, we recommend you to add nectar in the top compartment and place banana peels in the lower basin. You can also check the intructure and recommend netcar recipe at the bottom of this page.


How to use:

        • Step 1: Screw the hanging hook into the base.
        • Step 2: Add 12 oz of nectar or the following nectar recipe recommended by us to the base bowl.
        • Step 3: Put the red top cover with petals on the base.
        • Step 4: Add water to the centered hole until the water level is at least 1 / 2 of the height of the scupper.
        • Step 5: Hang the humming feeder on a tree or a shady place.

Recipe of nectar right at home:

Step 1: Prepare 1 part refined white sugar and 4 parts boiling water.
Step 2: Mix the sugar and water until the sugar is dissolved.
Step 3: Cool the solution completely and fill the feeders with it.
Step 4: Extra sugar water can be stored in a refrigerator

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