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Laser Keyboard

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  • Product description

    Wireless Laser Projection Bluetooth
    Name Specifications
    Light source Red laser diode
    Keyboard layout:About 19MM tilt, QWERTY keyboard layout
    Keyboard size:78mm*4mm*19mm
    Product size:38mm x 75mm x 18mm
    Battery working time:120 minutes
    Battery charging time:100 minutes
    Working environment:0 ~ 35°C / 90%RH
    Storage environment:5 ~ 35°C / ~90%RH
    Frequency range:2402-2480MHz
    Bluetooth:v3.0, HID Profile Ver.1.0
    Recognition rate :350 words/minute
    Weight (g):47g
    Channel: 79
    External power supply USB:power supply / less than 5V 1A
    Frequency Range:2402-2480MHZ
    Battery & Capacity Lithium polymer rechargeable battery:700mAH(MAX) @ 3.7V
    Working platform: non-reflective, opaque plane
    Projection surface Non-reflective, opaque surface

    -Connect via USB HID
    The laser bluetooth keyboard and the host device are connected by a USB data cable, and the host device must support USB HID (Note: Most Windows devices support USB HID.)
    Turn on the laser bluetooth keyboard.

    -After the LED indicator is correctly connected
    If the LED indicator is red, it means that the charging is in progress, and the red indicator of the LED stops, it means that the charging is completed, and the product can be used normally in the charging state.

    ***Tips: Built-in mouse capabilities for all non-iOS devices.(iOS can only be connected via Bluetooth)