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Spin Power™

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  • Charges up to 10 devices at the same time - safely and quickly. 
  • Rapid smart charging technology charges devices in a flash. 
  • Surge protection. 
  • 360 degree swivel design for easy charging access. 
  • Vertical design easily fits plugs of all shapes and sizes. 
  • Portable and convenient - charge your devices anywhere. 
  • Optimal charging without battery stress. 
  • 6 Power outlets. 
  • 4 USB ports with 2.1 Amp Max. 
  • 114cm hide-away, retractable cord - just turn the top and it wraps inside the base. 
  • Great for kitchens, offices, bedrooms, garages, workshops, dorms rooms, entertaining organisation and more. 
  • Use with smartphones, tablets, laptops, and more. 
  • Comfortable charging - no more digging for extension cords or crawling around tangled cords to find a plug. 

Detailed Product Specifications

Made from:

5" dia. x 8-1/2"H
Cord, 42"

Conveniently Charge All of Your Electronics



Q: How many devices will the Spin Power let me charge at once?

The Spin Power charges up to 10 devices at the same time. The Spin Power has 6 power outlets and 4 USB ports designed for optimal charging.


Q: How long is Spin Power’s power cord?

Spin Power has a 114cm retractable cord. Just turn the top of the Spin Power clockwise and the cord will wrap inside the base.


Q: Is Spin Power Portable?

Yes, Spin Power can be used anywhere indoors. Just place it on a flat, even surface and plug it into a properly earthed wall outlet.


Q: What does Spin Power include?

Spin Power includes:
- 6 standard AC outlets and security current up to 10 amps
- 4 USB charging ports with total 2.1A
- LED Indicator – showing the unit is powered up
- ON/OFF switch – controls all AC power outlets and USB charging ports, and a reset control switch
- 114cm retractable Power Cord


Q: What can I power or charge with Spin Power?

- You can plug electric appliances or devices into the AC power outlets, but their rating must not exceed 220-240V/50-60Hz/10A/2400W.

- You can plug USB powered devices into the USB charging ports, but their total rating must not exceed 2.1A. USB outlets cannot be used as a USB hub. Spin Power does not transfer data.


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