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Weighted Smart Hoola Hoop 24 Knots Adjustable Narrow Waist Fits All Body Types

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  • ❤Easy to Use:Compared with the traditional hoola hoop,the new smart hoola hoop is easier to use.Expecially with the no fall design,even you are a beginner you can also enjoy the exercise.
  • ❤Adjustable size:The hoop has 24 section for you to adjust,it can up to 132cm/52in. With the magnet buckle, you can adjust the size any time.
  • ❤Fitness and Massage: The smart hoola hoop is equipped with a 1.5LB soft gravity ball and 360 degree massage circle soft hoola hoop allows you to exercise comfortably fat burning faster than the traditional one.It can also massage your waist to achieve a relaxed state.
  • ❤High-quality materials: The hoop is made of high-quality ABS materials. Not only light weighted but also comfortable for your every exercise.
  • ❤Extensive usage scenarios:Considering its new and compact design, you can use it in various scenarios such as outdoors, offices, and homes. And it won't inconvenience you.

Why Choose Our Hoop?

Our Hula Hoop Pro won't fall down your waist unlike conventional Hula Hoops. This means you can just focus on working out your core, booty and lower body muscles without any annoying interruptions.

Activate Your Core

The soft rubber massage heads provide a cushioning around your waist, preventing any bruising, pain or discomfort. When the weighted ball rotates around your waist, it springs the heads inward. This activates your abs and breaks up the stubborn belly fat around the area. It also massages your back, helping relieve any tension, pain or aches in your lower back too.

Easy Setup & Convenient 

Our Hula Hoop is designed to be portable and lightweight...easily disassemble it and enjoy a high-intensity and calorie-burning workout anywhere, anytime – perfect for use at home, in the office or anywhere really! Take a break, stretch your legs and start hula hooping!

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